WEST CHESTER, PA – November 21, 2017 The Board of Karasch & Associates, a leading business dedicated to communication services and technologies, has announced that the company has successfully completed the upgrade of one of it’s premier offerings, SetGo! 2.0. SetGo! 2.0 Scheduling is a scheduling software solution designed to help alleviate the burden of scheduling meetings, events and litigation matters during a law firm’s busy work day. The utilization of SetGo! 2.0, an integrated scheduling management system, has proven beneficial in augmenting communication, planning meetings more efficiently, and all while saving time substantially. This new upgrade arrives as a follow-up to another innovative software solution, KaraschORTM, their fully secure and online digital case repository.

Dawn Simpson, Vice President of Operations comments, “A large goal for 2017 is to combine traditional and digital scheduling for the attorney’s benefit. SetGo! 2.0 makes that a reality today. SetGo! 2.0 enables us to enjoy an integrated, browser-based scheduling system for all the major elements of our business.  Information is available to us and our clients from anywhere”.

Fred Gasser, Karasch’s chief technologist explains, “SetGo! 2.0 represents what is expected today in a modern communications workflow. Embellishments on how we manage schedules for depositions, remote meetings and training sessions would all have been enough, but the level of automation that SetGo! 2.0 offers makes it a valued technology tool beyond what law firms are using today to schedule their important meetings.”

Karasch & Associates, a certified WBENC business, has provided state-of-the-art accessibility and legal support services for nearly 40 years.  Our purpose is to enable individuals and businesses to benefit from our expertise to effectively record, authenticate, manage and distribute all forms of digital communication. We are committed to engaging with every valued client, associate and vendor in an open and principled manner, with the goal of creating an atmosphere of teamwork, creativity and ingenuity. For more information, click: www.karasch.com