Welcome to the online presence of the Bucks County Bar Association [BCBA].  We hope that the BCBA serves as the #1 resource for all of your Bucks County legal needs.

The BCBA is one of the oldest bar associations in the United States of America, and with that significant history comes a great responsibility for our current members to continue to uphold the highest level of legal and ethical standards.  The judges and attorneys who came before us demand nothing less.

The BCBA is governed by a dedicated Executive Committee and Board of Directors, and the day-to-day operations are handled by a committed Executive Director and staff, who all work together to ensure that the BCBA is able to efficiently provide services to our members and legal resources to the community.  The Lawyer Referral and Information Service [LRIS] is designed to match individuals with legal needs with experienced BCBA members who can provide a consultation and competent ongoing representation.  The LRIS is an excellent resource to the community and we hope you will take advantage of what that program has to offer should the need arise.

The Bucks County Bar Foundation, which recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, is the charitable arm of the BCBA and serves as a great source of pride for BCBA members.  The Foundation’s mission is to provide support for charitable, law related projects and programs within the Bucks County community.  Through the Foundation, BCBA members are able to serve the community in numerous ways, from providing scholarships for aspiring college students, to supporting programs that provide legal services to those members of our community who are most in need.  And in 2020 the BCBA and Foundation are taking a tremendous step forward in partnering with various Bucks County government offices to start the Child Advocacy Initiative, a program designed to provide legal representation and give a voice to children involved in criminal and family court proceedings.  This exciting new program provides a much needed service to the most vulnerable members of our community, and our members are dedicated to providing their time and financial support to ensuring its success.  The countless hours of pro bono legal services provided by BCBA members are truly remarkable and 2020 will be no different.

I am honored to serve as the 80th President of the Bucks County Bar Association.  The BCBA is a well-respected collection of judges and attorneys who cooperatively work to ensure that the historic Bucks County system of justice continues to efficiently and effectively serve the community, and I proud to do my part.

Dan Keane