Message from the President

Welcome to the online presence of our Bucks County Bar Association (BCBA).  Bucks County is a great place to live and work, and we are excited to continue our role as your #1 resource for all of your Bucks County Legal Needs.

I am proud to serve as the 81st President of one of the oldest organizations of its kind in the United States.  Our membership of more than 800 attorneys stands ready to assist the people of our community with their legal needs, as we have done for over 130 years.  We owe it to our community to continue working to ensure equal access to justice for all, while upholding the highest levels of ethical and professional standards in the practice of law.

Our Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and the staff of the Bar Association will continue to work each day to ensure the efficiency and productivity of services that the community has come to expect from us.  I encourage anyone who has found this page while seeking legal assistance with a problem to contact our Lawyer Referral and Information Service [LRIS] to arrange for consultation with a lawyer who has skills to help you.

Throughout the past year, our Bar Association has had to adapt to the challenges being faced by everyone in our community.  Our courts have not been immune to these challenges.  It has been our duty and our pleasure to keep the members of our legal community informed of the everchanging legal environment that COVID-19 has forced upon us.  We will continue to meet this need, and others as they arise with the same dedication and initiative.

I am proud to continue working with the Bucks County Bar Foundation, the charitable foundation of the BCBA.  Our foundation is one of the primary tools that our members use to serve our Bucks County community.  I am excited to watch the growth of our Child Advocacy Initiative, which we have created to ensure that the most vulnerable and important members of our community have a voice in the proceedings that can have a direct impact on their lives.  I also cannot say enough about the pro bono contributions of our members who banded together when our Courts reopened to ensure that the backlog of cases caused by pandemic related court closures were handled quickly and efficiently while ensuring that competent legal representation was available to those who needed it most.  As usual, Bucks County sets the standard, and I am sure we will continue to surpass it.

Thank you for visiting our site, please let us know if we can be of assistance to you in any way.

Sean M. Gresh