Bar Foundation


Bucks County Bar Foundation Mission

The Mission of the Bucks County Bar Foundation, consistent with its charter and as a 501(c)(3) charitable entity, is to promote and support programs, organizations, and individuals throughout Bucks County who are engaged in activities designed to foster respect for the rule of law, the advancement of rights, liberties and protections under the law as well as activities which have as a principal purpose the advancement of social justice for the individuals, families and communities of Bucks County.

We are: BCBF

Who is BCBF? We all are BCBF. The Bucks County Bar Foundation is the charitable arm of the Bucks County Bar Association. What does that mean? We are the group that makes it our mission to go out into our community, on behalf of all Association members, to promote the idea of justice through the good deeds of our Association members. Why do we do this, because: We are BCBF. We are here to help our community members and to improve access to justice here in Bucks County. We are BCBF; we are you.


View our 2022 Annual Report HERE