BCBF Scholarship

The Bucks County Bar Foundation, the charitable arm of the Bucks County Bar Association, is pleased to announce scholarship opportunities for 2021. Throughout the year, the Foundation holds several events in support of the Thomas E. Mellon, Jr. Scholarship and the William Penn Scholarship. These scholarships are awarded to Bucks County residents pursuing a career in law or a related field. Eligibility requirements include a record of academic excellence and a strong commitment to public service.

Thomas E. Mellon, Jr. Scholarship Criteria

The William Penn Scholarship Criteria

2021 BCBF Scholarship Application

Important dates:

April 23, 2021- Application deadline

May 7, 2021- Scholarship awards are scheduled to be announced

For more information contact Greg Nardi at 215-348-9413 or greg.nardi@bucksbar.org