Hillary Moonay’s leadership, the House of Delegates approves two recommendations from the PBA Family Law Section

Congratulations to Hillary Moonay, Partner and Co-chair of Obermayer’s family law department, for her pivotal role as Chair of the PBA Family Law Section in successfully advocating for the approval of the Section’s recommendations by the PBA House of Delegates.

House Bill 2018

One recommendation centered on House Bill 2018, urging the PBA House of Delegates to support the bill, which decreases the number of custody factors a court must consider when making an award of custody.  Currently, Section 5328 of the Domestic Relations Code requires the court to consider 16 different factors.  House Bill 2018 proposes to decrease that number to 12 by consolidating and streamlining the factors, many of which are overlapping and redundant. This Resolution was adopted by the House of Delegates.

House Bill 350 

Another recommendation seeking support from the House of Delegates addressed House Bill 350, also known as the Uniform Parentage Act. With Pennsylvania currently lacking legislation defining “parent” or “parentage,” children and families conceived through Assisted Reproductive Technology are left legally vulnerable. This Bill will provide clarity on establishing legal parentage, the legal relationships between parent and child, which is the source of legal rights and responsibility, including custody and child support.  Hillary’s compelling presentation to the House of Delegates resulted in a unanimous vote to support this Recommendation.

2024 Award for Outstanding Leadership in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Additionally, Hillary Moonay, in her capacity as Chair of the PBA Family Law Section, accepted the 2024 Award for Outstanding Leadership in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion on behalf of the Diversity Task Force of the Family Law Section of the PBA. This esteemed accolade recognizes exceptional efforts in advancing diversity and inclusion within the legal profession and promoting equal participation among PBA members, aligning with the PBA Strategic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan