Bucks County Bar Foundation


WE ARE: Bucks County Bar Foundation (BCBF)

Who is BCBF? We all are BCBF. The Bucks County Bar Foundation is the charitable arm of the Bucks County Bar Association. What does that mean? We are the group that makes it our mission to go out into our community, on behalf of all Association members, to promote the idea of justice through the good deeds of our Association members and then publicize what we have done.

Why do we do this, because: We are BCBF. We are here to help our community members and to improve our profession’s image in our community, all at the same time.

BCBF has evolved over the past few years to define our mission on your behalf and to establish our identity. It is my goal over the next two years, as BCBF President, to get you to know who we are, care who we are, understand what a benefit we provide to you and for the community to know us, respect us and seek out our help when they need us.

What have we accomplished? BCBF has provided support for charitable, law-related projects and programs in the community and donated tens of thousands of dollars in past years to local charities and organizations such as: Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Doylestown FISH, Tabor Home, Network of Victims Assistance and the Lenape Valley Foundation. We have gone into area elementary schools to teach a program on constitutional law and given each and every student their own copy of a child-friendly colorful picture book on the topic, as well as a gavel-shaped pencil. For some children, that may be the only book they will receive as a present all year. Think about that.

We have created and continue to award college scholarships to area students. One such college scholarship fund was created in memory of former Association President Thomas E. Mellon, Jr.. In his memory, I encourage each of you to make a contribution to the fund each and every Saint Patrick’s Day to remember Tom for the many times he may have invited you to his firm’s legendary party. It is not too late to do so for this year.

We are BCBF; we are you.

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