Membership Benefits and Dues

Membership Benefits

BCBA Members can expand their knowledge, enhance their opportunities and better fulfill their responsibility to clients to provide efficient skillful access to the legal system.

Join the Bucks County Bar Association.

Continuing Legal Education
To keep members up to date on current developments in law and in compliance with the regulations of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars are presented throughout the year. Lunch time mini-seminars are sponsored by various sections of the organization. The association also offers numerous opportunities at other times of the day for attorneys to earn their CLE credits.

Regular Updates on The Law
In addition, sections and journals provide updates on recent cases, developments in law, and guidance in operating a practice. The Family Law section provides monthly Case Law Updates and has produced a Reference Manual, a resource tool for family law practitioners. The Orphans’ Court section has developed a reference book filled with forms used in the Orphans’ Court of Bucks County. The Solo and Small Firm Practitioners section offers guidance in the business and management aspects of owning a practice, and provides assistance to any Bucks County Bar Association member who unexpectedly becomes disabled due to injury.

The Bucks County Law Reporter
The Bucks County Law Reporter, a weekly legal journal included in the cost of membership, contains opinions handed down by the local Bench, and explanations of the impact these opinions have in matters concerning Bucks County residents and businesses. Current opinions are published. The Bucks County Law Reporter also contains legal notes and news of interest to attorneys. Read more about the Bucks County Law Reporter.

Membership Directory
Know who is who. Updated annually and circulated to members, this valuable resource lists all members of the Bucks County Bar association, their areas of expertise and special qualifications. It also provides contact information for Bucks County municipalities, county and district courts and courthouse personnel.

Committees, Sections and Divisions
Committees, Sections and Divisions for attorneys provide another opportunity to network within the Bar Association, discover colleagues with mutual interests and build a sense of camaraderie. Many develop CLE seminars and provide a registry of attorneys interested in temporary, part-time or per diem legal employment. The Young Lawyers’ Division is a prime example, providing services to attorneys who are under the age of 38 or in practice fewer than five years. The goal of the division is to assist these attorneys in becoming familiar with the Bucks County judicial system.

Networking Opportunities
Participate in networking events to meet and socialize with other members of the Bucks County Bar Association in settings that are informal, always civil and non-adversarial. Gain excellent access to opinions, experience and meaningful discussions with other attorneys and judges. Social functions conducted by the Entertainment Committee include a dinner dance, softball challenge, golf tournament, annual meeting, and other events.

Rules of Professionalism
I. Treat with civility all persons with whom you come into professional contact, including the lawyers, clients, opposing parties, staff persons, and Court personnel. Professional courtesy is compatible with vigorous advocacy and zealous representation.

Membership Dues

Regular Members
5 or more years in practice $280.00
4 years in practice $158.00
3 years in practice $158.00
2 years in practice $158.00
1st year in practice $0.00
Associate/County Employees
5 or more years in practice $219.00
4 years in practice $127.00
3 years in practice $127.00
2 years in practice $127.00
1st year in practice $0.00
Student Members $50.00
Emeritus Members $0.00

(To receive Emeritus status, you must make a request in writing stating why you may qualify for the Emeritus status as laid out in our Bylaws. Requests must be approved by the Board of Directors.)

Student Membership Application