On behalf of our Board of Judges, I am pleased to present the Triennial Report of Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania for 2014-2016.  The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, an appellate court of statewide jurisdiction, was created by the 1968 Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention to hear civil appeals where one of the parties is a state or local government agency.  The Court’s subject matter jurisdiction makes it unique among appellate courts in the United States.

The Triennial Report highlights significant decisions and provides caseload statistics, Court history and biographical information about each of our judges. I hope you find it educational and useful.

The Triennial Report can be found at http://www.pacourts.us/assets/files/resource-5663626/file-6401.pdf.

  Mary Hannah Leavitt
President Judge
Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania
601 Commonwealth Avenue
Harrisburg, PA  17106-9185