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Dr. G. Terry Madonna
nationally recognized political pollster and commentator

First Time Ever BCBA Bench Bar Accredited Course for
PA Continuing Judicial Education

CLE Panels Include
Esteemed Bucks County Bench

Honorable Jeffrey L. Finley, President Judge
Honorable Rea B. Boylan
Honorable Robert J. Mellon
Honorable C. Theodore Fritsch Jr.
Honorable Diane E. Gibbons
Honorable Wallace H. Bateman
Honorable Robert O. Baldi
Honorable Gary B. Gilman
Honorable James M. McMaster
Honorable Raymond F. McHugh
Honorable Brian T. McGuffin
Honorable Jeffrey G. Trauger

Senior Judges  
Honorable Clyde W. Waite
Honorable John J. Rufe

Federal Judges
Honorable Cynthia M. Rufe
Honorable Mitchell S. Goldberg
Honorable Linda K. Caracappa, Chief Magistrat

Whiskey Rebellion Themed Cocktail Reception

See you there!


Bucks County Bar Association

135 East State Street
Doylestown, PA 18901