While the election results are still unofficial as there are still ballots that need to be tallied (i.e. overseas and military ballots) and the possibility of vote recounts (i.e., the 6th Senate District), please find attached the unofficial results for the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives and Senate races that were on the ballot.

2018 Midterm State Senate Winners 11.7.18

2018 Midterm State House Winners 11.7.18

Voter turnout was expected to be high…and it was in many areas of the Commonwealth…and that turnout brought some surprise results in the seats that the state Democrats were able to win in, primarily, Southeast Pennsylvania.  Regarding the races in the new Congressional Districts, Pennsylvania was fertile ground for national Democrats to pick up seats in order to wrestle control of the U.S. House of Representatives.  As a result, changes were anticipated.  Not to be overlooked in the Democratic victories in Congress is the fact that Pennsylvania’s 18 member Congressional Delegation will now have female members (4).

The only two statewide races on the ballot, Governor Tom Wolf (D) and U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D), did not produce the drama that the elections for State House and Senate, and U.S. House produced as both incumbents were easily elected.

While the Republicans have retained control in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and the Pennsylvania Senate, their majorities were reduced.  For the upcoming legislative session, the Senate majority will decrease from 33-16 to 29-21.  However, a Special Election will need to be called in 2019 to elect a replacement for Senator Guy Reschenthaler (R-Allegheny) once he takes his oath as the new U.S. Representative of the 14th Congressional District.  The Republican majority in the House of Representatives will decrease from 120-79 to 108- 95.  There are still some close results that could impact this final number.  Additionally, two Special Elections in Democratic Districts will need to be called in 2019 as a result of the reelection of former Representative Sid Kavulich, who passed away shortly before the General Election and was unopposed on the ballot, and Representative Vanessa Lowery Brown (D-Philadelphia) who was convicted of bribery leading up to the election and was unopposed on the ballot.

The attached chart reflects the individual races, but I have highlighted below the following information:  Pennsylvania House of Representatives races in which the control of the District switched, the Pennsylvania Senate races in which the control of the District switched, and the new members of the evenly split (9-9) Pennsylvania Congressional Delegation.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions on this information.


Richard Gmerek


Winners who are Democrats are highlighted in Blue and Republicans in Red

U.S. Senate:

Senator Casey defeated Congressman Barletta


Governor Wolf defeated former State Senator Scott Wagner


Congressional District (Congressional District: CD):

The Pennsylvania Congressional Delegation currently has a 9-9 split.

CD1: Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R) defeated Scott Wallace (D)

CD2: Congressman Brendan Boyle (D) defeated David Torres (R)

CD3: Congressman Dwight Evans (D) defeated Bryan Leib (R)

CD4: State Representative Madeleine Dean (D) defeated David Daniel (R)

CD5: Mary Gay Scanlon (D) defeated Kim Pearl (R)

CD6: Christina Jampoler Houlahan (D) defeated Gregory Michael McCauley (R)

CD7: Susan Wild (D) defeated Martin Nothstein (R)

CD8: Congressman Matt Cartwright (D) defeated John Chrin (R)

CD9: Daniel Meuser (R) defeated Dennis Wolff (D)

CD10: Congressman Scott Perry (R) defeated George Scott (D)

CD11: Congressman Lloyd Smucker (R) defeated Jessica King (D)

CD12: Congressman Tom Marino (R) defeated Marc Friedenberg (D)

CD13: John Joyce (R) defeated Brent Ottaway (D)

CD14: State Senator Guy Reschenthaler (R) defeated Bibiana Boerio (D)

CD15: Congressman Glenn Thompson (R) defeated Susan Boser (D)

CD16: Congressman Mike Kelly (R) defeated Ronald Dinicola (D)

CD17: Congressman Conor Lamb (D) defeated Congressman Keith Rothfus (R)

CD18: Congressman Mike Doyle (D) won re-election running unopposed


State Senate (Senate District (SD):

SD10:  Steven Santarsiero (D) defeated Representative Marguerite Quinn (R) – D pick up

SD12: Maria Collett (D) defeated Stewart Greenleaf Jr. (R) – D pick up

SD26: Timothy Kearney (D) defeated Senator  McGarrigle (R) – D pick up

SD38: Lindsey Williams (D) defeated Jeremy Shaffer (R) – D pick up

SD44: Katie Muth (D) defeated Senator  Rafferty (R) – D pick up


State House (Legislative District: LD):

LD53: Steven Malagari (D) defeated George Szekely (R) – D pick up

LD61: Laura Hanbidge (D) defeated Representative Kate Harper (R) – D pick up

LD71: James Rigby (R) defeated Representative Bryan Barbin (D) – R pick up

LD74: Dan Williams (D) defeated Ambler Little Turner (R) – D pick up

LD76: Stephanie Borowicz (R) defeated Michael Hanna Jr. (D) – R pick up

LD143: Wendy Ullman (D) defeated Joseph Flood (R) – D pick up

LD146: Joseph Ciresi (D) defeated Representative Thomas Quigley (R) – D pick up

LD150: Joseph Webster (D) defeated Nick Fountain (R) – D pick up

LD155: Danielle Otten (D) defeated Representative Becky Corbin (R) – D pick up

LD157: Melissa Shusterman (D) defeated Representative Warren Kampf (R) – D pick up

LD158: Christina Sappey (D) defeated Representative Eric Roe (R) – D pick up

LD162: David Delloso (D) defeated Mary Hopper (R) – D pick up

LD163: Michael Zabel (D) defeated Representative James Santora (R) – D pick up

LD165: Jennifer Omara (D) defeated Representative Alex Charlton (R) – D pick up

LD167: Kristine Howard (D) defeated Representative Duane Milne (R) – D pick up

LD177: Joe Hohenstein (D) defeated Patty Kozlowski (R) – D pick up

LD178: Wendi Thomas (R) defeated Representative Helen Tai (D) – R pick up