Judicial Candidates & Plebiscite Results

2021 Merit Selection – Judicial Candidate Questionnaires

Stephen A. Corr

Amir M. Stark – Candidate chose not to participate in this process

Tiffany M. Thomas-Smith

2021 “Meet the Judicial Candidates”

Recording on You Tube.  Linked here.

Results of the 2021 Judicial Plebiscite of Bucks County Judicial Candidates

Link to Full Press Release

2021 BCBA Plebiscite Results:

765 members of the Bar Association received a plebiscite or ballot with the names of all the judicial candidates. 244 ballots were tabulated.  

The results of the Judicial Plebiscite, which evaluated the judicial candidates, have been released and are as follows:

Candidate Highly Recommended Recommended Not Recommended No Opinion
Stephen A. Corr 124 58 16 46
Amir M. Stark 18 21 83 122
Tiffany M. Thomas-Smith 59 43 48 94