2019 Merit Selection – Judicial Candidate Questionnaires

Denise Bowman
Dawn DiDonato-Burke
Grace Deon
Gary Gambardella
Charissa Liller
Dianne Magee
Christopher Serpico
Allen Toadvine
Jessica VanderKam
Jordan Yeager

Results of Evaluation of Bucks County Judicial Candidates

The goal of the Bucks County Bar Association Merit Selection Committee is to inform and educate the public and the press about the judicial races in Bucks County. This year, the judicial candidates were provided a questionnaire to complete and the results are posted on the Bar Association’s website: www.bucksbar.org. In addition, the Association hosted a Judicial Candidates Night at the Bar Association building, to which the press, the public and the membership were invited. The candidates answered a number of questions posed by members of the audience. 731 members of the Bar Association received a plebiscite or ballot with the names of all the judicial candidates. 357 ballots were tabulated.

The results of the Judicial Plebiscite, which evaluated the ten judicial candidates, have been released and are as follows:

* Please note, the plebiscite ballot for Dawn DiDonato-Burke and Chris Serpico was sent out ten days after the initial plebiscite separately. Of which 219 ballots were tabulated.


Additionally, the members of the Bucks County Bar Association were asked to provide their opinions if the following Judges should be retained in office as a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Bucks County.  Here are the results:

Endorsed Not Endorsed No Opinion
Hon. Robert Baldi 318 16 18
Hon. Wallace Bateman 320 4 33
Hon. Gary Gilman 310 11 24
Hon. Alan Rubenstein 306 17 23