Eviction Prevention

Pandemic Preparedness:

When Your Home is at Risk

The Bucks County Bar Association, in partnership with the Pennsylvania Bar Association and the Pennsylvania Bar Trust Fund, is launching the public information campaign, “Pandemic Preparedness: When your Home is at Risk.” Many Pennsylvania families are suffering financial setbacks because of job losses related to COVID-19. Mortgage foreclosures and evictions from rental properties are expected when moratoria and programs providing financial relief come to an end. “Pandemic preparedness: When your Home is at Risk” was developed to increase the public’s understanding of their rights when renting or owning a home, with a special focus on the impact from the pandemic.


Click on the following links for helpful resources provided by the PA Bar Association:

Renting a House or Apartment During COVID-19

Mortgage Foreclosure Fact Sheet

The Eviction Process During COVID-19

Buying a House During COVID-19

For more information, you can visit the PBA’s Pandemic Preparedness webpage by clicking here.


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